Tragedy Strikes Obama Family

Regrettably, the family of former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama has been confronted with a tragic event. According to reports, Marian Robinson, Michelle Obama’s mother, has sadly passed away at the age of 86. On Friday, Michelle shared this heartbreaking news through a joint Instagram post with her husband, expressing that Robinson had peacefully departed this morning.

“My mom Marian Robinson was my rock, always there for whatever I needed. She was the same steady backstop for our entire family, and we are heartbroken to share she passed away today,” the post said.

The couple wrote, “We wanted to offer some reflections on her remarkable life.”

The Obamas characterized Robinson as “wise and “nonjudgemental.” Robinson had the “deep understanding that the world’s roughest edges could always be sanded down with a little grace.”

One of seven children, Robinson grew up on the South Side of Chicago, Page Six reported, adding that her father used to “wake the kids up at sunrise by blasting jazz records as an alarm clock,” so she “learned early that even in the face of hardship, there was music to be found.”

Marian’s family portrayed her as someone who offered unwavering support, even when it came to their daughter’s choice of marrying a man with a daring passion for politics.

Page Six added:

‘“On Election Night in 2008, when the news broke that Barack would soon shoulder the weight of the world, she was there, holding his hand,” Marian’s family penned, adding that she later “agreed to move to the White House” — but only after “a healthy nudge.” Marian also “relished her role as a grandmother” to Barack and Michelle’s daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama, as well as her other grandchildren. According to her family, “she made clear that she sided with her ‘grandbabies’ in thinking that their parents were too darn strict.” Despite her daughter and son-in-law’s status, Marian remained humble, as the “trappings and glamour of the White House” did not impress her. Moreover, “the only guest she made a point of asking to meet was the Pope.”’

By Trent Walker

Trent Walker has over ten years experience as an undercover reporter, focusing on politics, corruption, crime, and deep state exposés.

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