This Is How Speaker Mike Johnson Could Save Steve Bannon From Imprisonment

Representative Thomas Massie has introduced a proposal that could potentially prevent Steve Bannon from going to prison.

His plan calls for urging Speaker Mike Johnson to withdraw the congressional subpoena issued against Bannon and to officially denounce what he describes as the “J6 witch hunt.”

This development comes after a Washington, D.C. judge recently denied Bannon’s appeal, ordering him to report to prison by July 1.

United States District Court Judge Carl Nichols issued the decision, rejecting Bannon’s request to delay his sentence while he prepares to take his appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Bannon’s conviction stemmed from his refusal to comply with a subpoena from the House committee investigating the events of January 6. He defended his actions by citing President Trump’s assertion of executive privilege.

Bannon’s steadfast refusal to provide documents was backed by arguments that executive privileges have been upheld for over 250 years, dating back to George Washington’s presidency.

Mike Davis, a former clerk for Justice Gorsuch and a regular on Bannon’s show “War Room,” emphasized last month, “Presidents must receive candid advice from their advisors without the fear of congressional repercussions or imprisonment.”

In response to this situation, Rep. Massie suggested that Speaker Mike Johnson could be instrumental in preventing Bannon’s imprisonment.

He asked on X, “Mike Johnson, Why don’t we rescind the Congressional subpoena for Steve Bannon and officially repudiate the J6 committee by a vote of Congress?”

In another post, Massie urged Americans to voice their concerns to Johnson directly. He wrote, “#1. He’s not going to do it just because it’s a good idea. He has to hear from Americans. You can stay on the couch, just pick up your phone and dial.”

He also criticized Johnson for canceling a workday in DC at Pelosi’s request due to the D-Day anniversary, saying, “#2. We only worked in DC for 3 days this week. Johnson canceled today because Pelosi asked him to due to D-day anniversary.”

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By Hunter Fielding
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