The Influence of U.S. Government ‘Cartel’ in Paying CVS and Walgreens Billions to Discourage Ivermectin Prescriptions and Promote COVID Shots

A recent article published by Dr. James Thorp and attorney Maggie Thorp in America Out Loud News exposes a government-led “cartel” that allegedly bribed major pharmacy chains like Walgreens and CVS with billions of dollars to promote COVID-19 vaccines and not fill prescriptions for ivermectin.

The authors argue that ivermectin, a drug that has been baselessly maligned by the government, media, and medical establishment, has demonstrated efficacy against COVID-19. They highlight former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s recent disclosure that he was taking ivermectin for long COVID or for his COVID-19 vaccine injury.

This disclosure has sparked a new round of debate about the suppression of effective and inexpensive therapeutics during the pandemic.

The Thorps suggest that the suppression of ivermectin may have been part of a strategy to protect the market for mRNA vaccines and ensure the profits of the “medical-industrial complex.”

They call for accountability and further investigation into these allegations. However, they caution against half-hearted efforts to take responsibility and argue that what an investigation would uncover is likely to be far darker than most people want to imagine.

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By Kate Stephenson
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