Research Reveals the Comparative Likelihood of Death From COVID mRNA Jabs and Flu Vaccines

According to Dr. Redfield, the former Director of the CDC, Americans have become “quite ill” from the Covid mRNA vaccines, even if they never had Covid.

This admission raises concerns about the safety of these vaccines and the lack of transparency from health agencies.

Dr. Redfield suggests that the medical community has known about the dangers of spike protein syndrome, caused by the vaccines, but kept it hidden to maintain public confidence in the CDC and FDA. However, he also claims that the vaccines have saved lives, although there is a need for evidence to support this statement.

Instead of attributing deaths to Covid, data should reflect that individuals died despite being vaccinated for Covid or unexpectedly after vaccination. The medical industry for concealed the dangers of spike protein jabs, which create deadly prions in the body and brain.

Furthermore, Advanced Cardiovascular-Kidney-Metabolic Syndrome (CKM), is attributed to spike protein syndrome. This syndrome affects 90% of vaccinated Americans and is characterized by the buildup of Covid-19-virus-mimicking prions in blood vessel walls.

There is an increased likelihood of death from Covid mRNA vaccines compared to flu vaccines, as microscopic protein prions clog blood vessels and neurons, depriving the brain of oxygen.

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By Kate Stephenson
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